Hello, I'm Leanne

I love Colour and I live in the Land Down Under

We live in Sydney, Australia and I’m the mum to 3 wonderful grown children and 6 (thats right 6!) fur kids.


 I often tell people I was an artist in a previous life. It's kind of true. I grew up as we often do, drawing and painting and I then studied and worked as a Graphic Artist for a number of years before I did a complete turn around and studied veterinary nursing! Today I still work full time in an animal based industry with dogs. I am very fortunate to have a I job I love.

So, welcome to my small corner of the world. In 2013  I decided to make time to paint again & since then I have taken a number of on-line courses and  joined a wonderful community of mentors and friends. Thanks to these people I have come to realise that art is just about letting go, having fun and just enjoying the process.

I encourage you to check out my latest collection where you can find out so much more about my art by just looking at it than I will ever be able to put into words, the people who are closest to me will tell you I’m not much of a talker, in fact I’m quite the introvert, preferring to spend my time just hanging out at home with my supplies or a good book and a cuppa.

I’m a lover of colours with botanical details. I create imaginative, colourful paintings in my lovely home studio with inspiration that is derived from the natural world, my urban landscape and my imagination. I love mixed media and will usually include Acrylic Inks, Acrylic paints, watercolours, prints, handmade papers, charcoal, pens and just about anything I can get my hands on! 

I have also recently started to also play with ceramics I love terracotta and using engobes and slips, My ceramic pieces tend to have a rustic feel, but I'm still finding my way and I’m really enjoying the processes and the  difficulties  involved with this very different medium.

When I am not painting, getting dirty with clay or dreaming up new ideas, there's a good chance you will find me, hunting for vintage treasures, visiting the theatre with my daughter or looking for travel tips on the net for my next holiday

This is a place for me to share my creative journey through mixed media, paint  and clay with you. 

I hope you enjoy visiting my site.