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Back in the swing of it.

And here I am again. Building a new website because why? Well it was just one more thing I needed to do this year. I had let the old one languish to the point it was no longer relevant to me, my art or my life So here I am with my new years resolution in October of finally getting it back together! YAY me. So this time I'm using the KISS method and hopefully I can manage to keep it up to date and relevant with what is going on! I'm currently preparing two pieces for the Liverpool Art Society Annual Exhibition. One is a mixed media painting which will be apart of my new collection "After the rain" and

the other is a small Ceramic Piece, one that I am at long last happy with. So that has been keeping me busy on both fronts

Hopefully as this site develops you will find me uploading some items that Im finally happy enough to part ways with.

Well thanks for dropping by. Stay tuned or subscribe for updates. I look forward to sharing with you again in the near future.

Keep it colourful

Leanne @therearefairiesinmygarden_Studio

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