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From DownUnder with Love

Do you listen to podcast’s?

I do, I’m an avid fan of quite a few. True crime, funny general knowledge and of course my Art ones, both general art and ceramics.

One of my favourites is called "Kick in the creatives" and has been put together by two funny and generous British ladies, Tara Roskell and Sandra Busby.

The podcast is informative and fun, featuring tips, tutorials, recommended products and sharing lots of other valuable information and artist interviews.

But one of things that I most love about this podcast is the online international community that it has created with it’s monthly challenges.


I’m always up for a good challenge. Anyone who has followed my instagram account for any amount of time will know that I have completed #the100dayChallenge for the past 4 years, done #Inktober and quite a few different monthly challenges here and there. I love what each one brings, the challenge of learning a new skill or technique, trying out a new medium or product or tools I have never used before.

Two postcards on the go for October, which will I choose?

The one challenge I most look forward to each month is the postcard swap, this is where you get the name of another community member from somewhere in the world and during that month you make a postcard sized piece of art to send to them and vice versa. So each month I usually set myself the challenge to make two cards and then decided which one I like best to send, I generally have a clear favorite by the end and it's not to hard to choose. 

My own little collection of cards is growing and I’m meeting people from all over the world who have different styles but one thing in common, our art practice.

Octobers card is nearing completion and will soon be winging it’s way off to the UK. I will then look forward to not only receiving my own card and hanging it with the others who have found their way to the door of my studio, but also finding out who my November swap partner will be and planning my next cards.

Keep it colourful

Leanne @therearefairiesinmygarden_Studio

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